Thank you for choosing Owl Creek Farms for your Photography Venue!

In Order to use our venue you must call in advance and schedule a date and time so that we can guarantee your shoot does not interfere with events previously scheduled. If you have not scheduled a time please contact us and we will reply at our earliest convenience.

*** Before setting up and proceeding with your scheduled photo shoot ***

1. Please have each client involved in your photo shoot and all photographers involved Sign and Date an Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

2. Place the amount you owe according to the schedule of fees below in an envelope with the liability waiver and contact us to arrange payment and facility usage.

Schedule of Fees:
- Private Photo Shoots -

Outdoor Use of Venue: $50.00 (for 1 hour shoot time)
Sunroom: $150.00 per Client
* For Clients choosing to shoot both outdoors & in the sunroom there will be a combined fee of 200.00

- Styled Shoots -

Outdoor Use of Venue: 250.00 per 10 people involved plus an additional 25.00 per person over the allotted 10.
An additional 250.00 will be charged for use of the house.
* Total for both indoors and outdoors is 500.00 plus an additional 25.00 per person over 10

- Photography Mini Sessions -

Outdoor use of the Venue ONLY:  $150

Furniture on Porch: may not be moved
Please Note: Restrooms may or may not be available for use at all times.

* for multiple clients on same day or any questions regarding use of furniture please contact us
* furniture in sun room may not be taken out of doors it may only be used in the sun room. Due to the fact our furniture is vintage it must remain stationary.